9 Things Not To Say To Trans People

If Trans People Said The Stuff Cisgender People Say

1. “What’s your real name?” “What was your name?”

Am not sure what you mean. Like, do you have a category of real and fake names for me to choose from?
When a trans person introduce themselves with a certain name to you, that’s it. Call them by that name, no questions.

2. “When did you decide to become a transgender?”

And when did you decide to become male or female?
You don’t become transgender. We don’t choose to be one. We are born as transgender.

3. “What do you have? A penis or a vagina?”

What’s inside my pants is none of your business unless we are getting busy!
Do you walk around wondering what’s in between people’s legs? If you do, that’s pretty creepy. I don’t sit here wondering what’s dangling or not dangling in between your legs!

4. “Did you get the operation?” (“which one?”)

Do you wanna fund them?
Why do you think I have a reason to discuss my body with you?
Surgeries/operations are a personal thing. Unless you are a trans person and want to get more information about them.

5. “How do you have sex?”

Of course Fabulously! Buy me dinner/lunch and I’ll show you how I do it.
This is so rude and intrusive. How many cisgender people are comfortable with this question…

6. “I would have never known you are transgender. You look so good to be trans. You’re so pretty/handsome”

Darn! What did you expect? That trans people are ugly or look like monsters? We are just as handsome/beautiful as the rest of the population, maybe much more  😛

7. “You look like a real woman/man”

Lets stop right there! Whats the definition of a “real” woman/man?
Being transgender doesn’t make you any less of a man or woman. We are “real” men and women.

8. “I can still see a man(a woman) in you”

No comment! Cause probably you’ve already gotten a slap.

9. ” Which bathroom do you use? How do you go to the bathroom?”

Do you wanna take me there? I would surely love that. And there’s this thing called a urethra…That’s what I use in the bathroom.

If trans people would ask this questions to cisgender people, how would it feel? Uncomfortable? Good! we are pretty much on the same page. Only ask someone which bathroom they use if they have asked you to show them where the bathroom is.

Video Source: BuzzFeed

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