Is Being Trans A Choice?

**The post Is Being Trans A Choice? has been pulled down**

Dear Readers,

It is unfortunate that even after conducting a thorough background search into our content to ensure we have mentioned all necessary sources where applicable, this ‘fellow transman’ continues to insult us and accuse Chayton of stealing content, especially considering that the said book was published a few weeks ago, and where content has been added from other sources, such sources have been credited.

It is worth noting that Chayton wrote this story years ago, and we have sources to prove that. However, due to the fact that we live in a country where published books require ISBN numbers which are hard to acquire by small community based organisations and as such the book where the story exists cannot be considered.

Anyway, since we are against any form of discrimination regardless of whether it is from non-trans people or from trans people, we have decided to once again pull down the post; not to please him, but to re-write it and ensure it fully encompasses the ideals we wish to share with every African trans person out there in need of information and a little hope that, “You are not alone!”.

Some battles are not worth fighting.

With love, always

Nadia & Chayton

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    • You are welcome Julia 🙂 Feel free to subscribe so that you receive more updates.Thanks

  1. Good luck and keep up the good work Nadia & Chayton. I know the guy(through Facebook groups) who is throwing around these insults and he is honestly not a very nice person

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