Meet Chayton

I am Chayton. A student of life, admirer of the human spirit, and a writer. I fit the definition of a tall, dark and handsome, transman. The journey to myself has been a long and immensely thrilling one. I started transitioning back in 2011.

All of us do undergo transitions in our lives. Changes happen every day in every way. Just that mine is specifically gender. Affirming my gender and who I am. I knew I was different for as long as I can remember. I have been questioned about this a million times. But let’s be rational. When did you realize that you were male or female?

Growing up was a daily struggle. I just didn’t fit . I thought what I was feeling was just a phase and it would pass. I was convinced that I would automatically turn into a ‘boy’ when puberty hit. Unfortunately life doesn’t work that way. I tried to get the issue out of my system by doing what it takes to be a ‘normal girl’. I was a flower girl in weddings. I put on dresses and patent leather shoes just to confirm to my family and the community that I am like the rest. But it didn’t transpire without consequences. Happiness was just a word to me. Mostly at the end of the day I would sob myself to slumber, begging and pleading with the Universe to make me normal. It didn’t happen anyway.

I came to terms with who I was in my teen years. Education was the key. I explored more on who I was, I learned what it would take for me to be comfortable in my body. I was determined to make my body a home for me. I came out to my parents back in high school. Their first reaction wasn’t so good. Till date it’s a topic we don’t discuss.

My brother has been a great support. He has held my hand throughout the times I fell apart. Sometimes he doesn’t get what I do but he loves me anyway.

Another great pillar of strength has been my friends. I bow deeply in gratitude to them when I think of how far I have come. I couldn’t be here without them. They are those kind of people that you can be whoever you want to be and they will love you still. Some I have known for ten years, others five years and others a couple of months. They’ve shown me their unwavering support ever since we started interacting. Such friends are a life treasure, a precious gift!

When I first met Nadia, she was the last person that I thought I could end up with. Most of her ways just didn’t resonate with me. Surprisingly we connected very well. We loved spending time together. She made efforts to be in my life, one thing that I really liked about her. She cared about me, she adored me…Well the rest is history!

Here we are now. Together. In a relationship of our dreams. We couldn’t ask for anything else.

We both had the same mission and vision. To touch the lives of others. To transform the lives of other trans people out there. We hope that what we write will ease up someone’s struggles out there. We hope that our stories will inspire someone. We hope that this will make your life better or bring new insight and knowledge in your life.


Join us in our journey and share our stories with those who matter in your lives!

With love,



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