Meet Nadia

My name is Nadia. I am a gutsy, pretty, sometimes-serious transwoman. I began my transition sometime in 2010 and I have never looked back.

Ever since I could remember, people used to say I looked like a girl. My formative years were spent convincing strangers that I was a boy. While doing this, I always felt like I was lying; pretending to be something I wasn’t so society wouldn’t correct me or chide me when I behaved “girlish”.

Life when I was young was difficult for me. I got teased almost every day for behaving like a girl. I was called names and I was even sexually molested. It wasn’t easy at all.

Thankfully, through the beauty of the internet I discovered what was wrong with me and I could finally understand myself as well as tell those close to me what was going on.

I told my mum I was trans when I cleared high school. I put it in a letter and went a way for a trip so I could give her time to read. I remember the phone call she made to me that day; two days later after I had left. She told me, “You are my child and no matter what we will go through this together”. I was elated. I was worried my mother would not accept me let alone let me transition. But the heavens were conspiring with me and the Universe gave me its love. She cared for me. She supported me.

My mother continues to be my greatest pillar in the world till today. She contributed heavily to several of my gender affirming therapies, she’s held my hand through all my difficult moments and she’s the best mother in the world! I couldn’t thank her enough.

I met Chayton sometime in 2012 and we became instant best friends. At first I didn’t like him. LOL! He teased me and flirted with me and for some reason it sort of bothered me. Weirdly enough, I liked it deep down. We’d meet up severally over lunch or some event and we’d talk endlessly. Whenever we met, our eyes would lock and I could feel tingles going through my body. It was both ecstatic and weird. Reason? To me, the idea of being into a transman was out of the grid. I never thought about it one bit as I was, at the time, solely into straight cisgender men. But my heart was communicating with me and I just wasn’t listening.

Our friendship continued to grow. We shared our histories with each other, connecting dots and pieces of our lives that matched each other – in obvious but opposite ways. His life and mine were similar. We’d both gone through some serious shit in life because of who we were and we bonded over that. We continued to grow fond of each other and we shared our secrets together. He was my best friend and I was his.

A few years later we found ourselves single, after our hearts were broken by, well, cisgender partners. We both were looking for love in all the wrong places. We were distraught and downtrodden. All we could think of was share our pain with each other and cry on each others’ shoulders.

Our romance had always been a denied fact. We never admitted to each other how we truly felt about one another yet our colleagues and mutual friends could easily tell that our friendship was more than what we claimed it was! It was funny how we’d avoid any moments of alone time, despite all the time we spent together, alone!

But as fate would have it, we eventually succumbed to our feelings and made the decision to give love a chance. It has been the most exciting, scary, hope-filled, awesome time ever since and even if I was given the chance to do it again, I wouldn’t change one thing.

Despite some bumps on the road, we are still here. Still together. Still in love. Still making a life together. Still growing stronger. Still falling in love over and over again, every single day.
We couldn’t be happier!


Follow us on our journey through this blog. See us make mistakes, make strides. Hear our triumph stories. Learn about our ‘weird’ lives. Read other trans peoples’ stories that we will share.

I hope you enjoy walking on this journey with us and I hope you join us too!

With love,


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